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If you’ve been to Bluclover, you have seen the variety and personalities included in all of the art! I have to say it was a bit mind boggling deciding how we would combine so many styles and colors in once space to create a peaceful, happy, fresh vibe in the gallery!

There were a few different ways to attack the project… We could
1. combine by artist.
2. combine by subject matter.
3. combine by style, or
4. We could combine by color!

We tried them all!

We ended up choosing to combine them by color, ignoring changes in subject matter, style and artist! It resulted in a beautiful blending of color that still allows each piece to have a voice, since they differ so strongly in style. For example... hard lines versus soft, pop subject matter versus classic brush strokes… realistic detail versus abstract.

This approach allowed our large open space to feel peaceful and harmonious, even though we have 5 artists represented here!

Do you have a collection of artwork that sits stacked against a wall, because they seem to be so unrelated, (except for the fact that you liked each of them enough to buy them?)
It is possible that if you choose one of these 4 approaches, that you will find that you can create a pleasing cohesive wall display that you and your family will really enjoy!
Even the addition of just one carefully chosen painting, can be the glue that brings your collection together!

Happy Decorating friends, be daring and unique! Find the voice of your family and put it on your walls! Art is to be an expression of your style and attitude! Choose one as unique as you!!

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