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Christmas is coming!! A day that comes but once a year… we spend weeks getting ready… there are gifts to buy, parties to attend, music programs starring the big and little people in your life!  So many celebrations aimed at this one event.

Nativity Pastel   

You may be pulling out the ornaments and wreaths and figurines you have had for years or If you’re like me, you’re trying to come up with something new to blend in with the old! 

The one thing that doesn’t change is wanting to spend it with the people that you love! 

    We here at BluClover have been preparing for the opening of our shop, and are now trying to catch up with the Christmas part! 

    I realize that Christmas will come whether I’m prepared or not! If the special cross-stitched victorian dolls don’t find their way out of the box, Christmas will still come. Just as it did that first Christmas day. 

    Mary and Joseph weren’t in their warm and dry home.. but still Christmas came. There was no blanket lovingly made by a dear friend… but still Christmas came. They didn’t even have the comfort of familiarity or the people they had grown to rely on… but still Christmas came. 

    There’s comfort in the fact that Christmas doesn’t depend on what I put under the tree or deck the halls with… It will come as a reminder of Hope and New Beginnings. It will come in many quiet and boisterous moments that will remind us of the gift of life and love that is reliant on a tiny baby in a manger, who came in an unexpected way to do unexpected things that would last beyond the wrappings and car rides and calendar years! ... And His name is Jesus!

    So this is Christmas! 


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