Sally Ann

Growing up among many creative inspirational women in my life, beauty was always surrounding me.

Always working with my hands as a young child, I grew to love creating anything. Light, happiness, whimsy and nature are huge inspirations for my style of work. I am truly a kid at heart and love to bring a natural magic to my pieces through color and texture. I have experimented with many mediums as many different types of artwork, from creating whimsical teepees, handcrafting bridal hairpieces, and painting with gouache and acrylic. Nothing makes me more at peace than painting with headphones of my favorite music playing, and coffee… Artwork it is such a fun expression of life and beauty that can be added to any space to create a feeling. decorating homes will forever be in my DNA and showing people how to incorporate their individuality and style into their home, though textiles, artwork, creative projects that truly make it special. I am sincerely grateful to God for providing me with gifts that I can use in these ways. I have had the privilege of getting to study painting in Florence Italy, an had many travels for inspiration. My two love subjects are the ocean and flowers. My family has been such a wonderful support to follow my dreams and everlasting need to create!

Sally Cook